Corporate Profile

From our founding in 1997, Asiagate has kept a clear focus on applying power of interconnected, Internet-driven technology to the bottom line of businesses and organizations.  Starting as one of the very first Internet Service Providers, we have worked ceaselessly to make Asiagate the strategic IT consulting and systems development company that it is today.

We’ve built our business on trust.  Our commitment to our clients is to deliver, and even exceed their expectations, is the foundation of our growth and success. Asiagate has served some of the largest organizations and industry leaders in the Philippines, as well as international institutions, through the provision of innovative and reliable solutions that have made a positive impact on the way they do things.

Among the milestones in Asiagate’s corporate history include:

-     In 1997, Asiagate was established as one of the first ISPs in the Philippines, providing Internet connectivity solutions for large scale and retail clients;

-     In 2000, Asiagate launched the first email application for mobile phones for one of the leading telecommunications companies, and has since developed a variety of mobile applications delivering rich content;

-     In 2005, pushed the development of web-based, database-driven sites and transactional applications;

-     In 2011, completed a nationwide web-based, computational econometrics and statistical application for Local Government Units;

-     In 2012, completed the first and most comprehensive Financial Management Information System for the public sector.

As we forge our way into the future, Asiagate continues to serve with this fundamental promise:  that the businesses, government agencies, and institutions we serve shall benefit from the creative and strategic solutions we provide through efficiency, cost savings, simplified and empowered processes.