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eBudget for LGUs

eBudget System for LGUs (powered by LGU 360) was provided to Philippine provinces, cities and municipalities for the preparation of local government budgets.

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CIAP Portal

Construction Industry Association of the Phils. Registration, Licensing, Portal and Information System provides online processing of important documents issued by the agency, including licenses for domestic and international contractors.

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Electronic Statement of Receipts and Expenditures is a project for the Bureau of Local Government and Finance that provides a sophisticated fiscal capacity data modelling, creditworthiness rating, and reporting system of revenues and expenditures for 1,700 Local Government Units.

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FMS Study

Strengthening the Financial Management System in the Department of Education covered the functional review and design of a Financial Information Management System for the Philippines’ largest national agency.

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Expenditure Tracking System of the Department of Health, a Financial Management Information System development project covering the entire financial lifecycle of DOH Central, Regional office and DOH-managed hospitals and beneficiaries.

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Community Portal, Advertising Management Platform and Wifi Network Design and Implementation that pioneer in digital advertising and communications thru free WiFi, made available through Manila’s biggest malls.

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The Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS) for the Department of Interior and Local Government enables conduct annual data gathering exercises with Philippine LGUs to assess performance and state of development.

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1st WAP Email in RP

Asiagate delivered the first Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) based email to Globe Telecommunications, signifying the advent of email communications through mobile devices in the Philippines.

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Pioneer ISP

Asiagate was established as an Internet Service Provider, one of the very first in the Philippines. It provided leased line, dialup and DSL connections to corporate and retail clients all over Metro Manila.

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