LIFT Systems Development integrates existing systems of the DBM, DILG, and DOF-BLGF to allow better data collection at the LGU level and data sharing between the three LGU oversight agencies.

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Personal Equity Retirement Account System Project of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) supports PERA Act of 2008, a law promotes capital development and savings mobilization through voluntary personal savings and investments. PERASys streamlines, automates and centralizes data collection and processing of required information to enable the opening and maintenance of PERA accounts.

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The Gender Mainstreaming Management System of the Philippine Commission on Women automates the preparation, submission and monitoring of the gender and development (GAD) budget and plans of various government agencies and LGUs nationwide.

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System Enhancement of the Hospital Operations and Management Information System (HOMIS). Asiagate enhanced the HOMIS system of the DOH to make it responsive to the current needs of its end-users for hospital management and operations of government hospitals. The project includes the development of PhilHealth’s eClaims module.

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