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Built for the Philippine Public Sector and compliant with the latest policies. With employee self-service functionalities, easy-to-deploy, and highly flexible.


Powerful document tracking software, customized to your workflow. Designed to speed up turnaround time.


Comprehensive LGU budget planning and preparation software compliant with the latest policies.


Offers fast and accurate appraisal, assessment, billing and collection of real properties taxes.

Asiagate prides itself for having delivered some of the most complex and powerful software systems running the Philippine organizations today.  Our track record in ground-up application development projects using Internet-based technologies spans almost 20 years, providing our clients a depth of experience second to none.

The Asiagate Difference

There are many software development firms—from large or multinational bigwigs, local body shops to small, one-man show gigs that all promise the magic of hi-tech.

But unlike any of these, Asiagate is a unique IT firm that is committed to your vision in every aspect of its operations– from account administration and management to technical development.  Our capability to specialize in ground-up solutions is based on our power to cater to the unique needs of your business with skill, imagination, and efficiency,  while building on best practices in particular processes, practices or industries.  We combine tested and reliable tools with subject matter expertise, delivered by a truly dedicated and talented team of IT professionals.

Delivery Model

Asiagate’s delivery model for applications development commits to quality at every stage.

Our process is anchored into the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) standard framework for technology projects. We adhere to a practical software development methodology that has also proven to be effective for many types of organizations. Project management, the Asiagate way, leads all project members through a systematic process beginning from conceptualization to implementation.

At all times, we seek to understand your way of doing things and then listen to your desired business outcomes.  This guides the process designing and developing a solution that fits your needs while keeping an eye for your system’s future growth and scalability at the same time.

Practice Areas

Our ground-up software development projects are built using proven Open Source technologies. Delivered by a team of professionals committed to understanding your requirements and delivering the best possible solutions within budget and schedule. We are strong in developing systems for transaction processing- whether online or offline, for streamlined and less paper-based processes.

  • Customized to your needs
  • Easy-to-use user interfaces
  • Integrate with other applications, databases, and services such as payment processing
  • Secure and high performance

Asiagate Technologies

End-to-end Services

Asiagate works with you from the time the project is scoped and requirements are validated, to user testing, implemenation and operations and support, if needed. Our track record gives us valuable experience and insights into making your project a success.

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Companies are continually required to adapt, innovate or respond. Asiagate can help you transform your business and undertake business change programs that address people, process and technology.

Our seasoned IT professionals are ready to assist you in:

  • IT Project Management
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation
  • Business Process Reviews
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Technical Support & Help Desk Services

Support services to manage the operations and maintenance of clients’ environments, including minor enhancements, and technology support and security services.

Outsource Maintenance

Outsource your software maintenance to professionals. Reduce your overhead costs and experience faster turnaround.


We pride ourselves for integrity.

A commitment to quality, recognition of trust.


We deliver. 

Software development (or giving IT advice, for that matter) is a tricky business, and we have seen many projects gone awry for different reasons.  Our track record in the business proves that we’ve developed a formula for success that lowers your risk and assures sustainability.  Perhaps what we have done  is the best evidence to this statement.

Every project is valuable to us.

We draw on our collective experiences to provide what is best for the project, put in our very best effort, and push in one direction to see your vision come alive.  Challenges are part of our daily diet at work, and we don’t hide in layers of bureaucracy.

People with a passion.

We are creative, practical people who understand that, at the end of the day, all the tech-talk just has to be made available and secure, and make sense to the guy on the desk and on the ground.  And that’s what we are set out to do, with focus and passion.


Asiagate responds to the need for IT solutions that can deliver results– visible and measurable changes in data accuracy, process improvement, and employee productivity.

Transactional Applications

Transactional Applications

Eliminate manual, error-prone and redundant processes through business process automation.  Asiagate studies your current way of doing things and, with its experience in a broad range of industries and technical solutions, creates a system that is streamlined and makes best use of your data.

Portals and Websites

Portals & Websites

Whether yours is a large organization or a small-medium business, an online presence is no longer a luxury. Allow your customers to communicate, interact and transact online with you through powerful portal and website solutions from Asiagate.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our team provides specific solutions and services that enhance an organization’s decision-making speed and capacity, simplifying and integrating services on one or more platforms and provide open interfaces using open source technologies to access and share data in-house or outside the organization.

Data Migration

Data Migration

Our professional services team is able to handle migrations and is dedicated to providing cost effective, timely and practical ways to migrate applications and systems.

Look Forward.

As we forge our way into the future, Asiagate continues to serve with this fundamental promise:  that the businesses, government agencies, and institutions we serve shall benefit from the creative and strategic solutions we provide through efficiency, cost savings, simplified and empowered processes.

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