Applications Development

We use a delivery model for application development that commits to quality, adheres to the best practices in software development and utilizes cutting-edge open source technologies. We adapt our solutions to our clients’ business processes, combined with the use of robust execution platforms that offer high availability and suitable methodologies geared towardsoptimizing performance, stability and integration with existing systems.

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IT Consulting

The demands to meet changing business needs are greater now than they have ever been. Companies are continually required to adapt, innovate or respond. We can help you transform your business and undertake business change programs that address people, process and technology.

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Turnkey Migration

Our technical and knowledgeable professional services team is able to handle migrations and is dedicated to providing a cost effective, timely and simple way to migrate applications and systems.

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Implementation Services

Our team covers all areas of the implementation cycle, from business needs assessment and prototype to module development, upgrade planning and upgrades. We offer deployment services covering training, technical support, upgrades, roll-outs, module-level enhancements and integrations.

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Support Services

Support services to manage the operations and maintenance of clients’ environments, including minor enhancements, and technology support and security services.

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We offer training services and content/course material development that can be presented in your chosen venue.

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Linux Network Design

We help you design, deploy and support a secure IT environment from basic server requirements to a full server farm with broadband Internet connectivity. Take advantage of the power of Linux in your own network environment for email, security, resource-sharing, and router solutions, among several others. We have been using pure Linux and open source technologies in our network, which has been serving businesses and thousands of individuals on a 24/7 basis since 1997.

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